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Glengarry Plain

Glengarry Plain


These Glengarries are handmade in Scotland by Robert Mackie of Scotland.  With a long history of Scottish bonnet making, dating back to 1845, Robert Mackie are the world’s last authentic Scottish bonnet makers, honoring the traditional methods of predecessors created.  Proud that this knowledge and expertise has been passed down through generations of makers, their Balmoral and Glengarry dress bonnets are still manufactured in the small town of Stewarton, and are worn by clans and pipers around the world.

In December of 2022, Robert Mackie made the difficult decision to no longer manufacture their Traditional Scottish Headwear.  We will continue to offer our current stock until it is depleted.  

  • Made in Scotland
  • High quality, premium product
  • Handmade using authentic bonnet making techniques
  • Composition
    • 100% Pure New Wool
    • Cotton Lining
    • Polyester cross grain ribbon
    • Hessian Stiffener

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